Saro Lynch-Thomason

I was raised in a musical household in middle Tennessee. This was not in the sense that any one in my family played music, but certainly music was constantly being played. Rock and roll, folk revival, pop-rock, Gregorian chant, and a number of other genres were constantly being fed through our speaker systems by my musicphile father. In time, I started seeking out my father’s folk revival music for myself, and my fascination with traditional song eventually brought me to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia.

A good deal of my interest in music has been intertwined with text and narrative. I study and practice ballad singing, which involves making text and style-based choices about how best to tell a story. My interest in text as a way to negotiate narratives has also been an element in my project for this blog, in which I explore the “scripts” and vocabulary that shape drive thru ordering systems at a regional chain restaurant.

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